At Least Sometimes I Have Fun

Haven’t I just been so busy posting in my writing blog that I haven’t though much about this one? It’s going well so far, although I haven’t blogged quite as much as I wanted to when I began it. Need to get the momentum going. I have to have a full day of working on very short pieces, and post them all individually. That’ll get me pretty far.

Last night, went to a dance part in Central Square. It was fun, although the music was somewhat lacking for the most part and I ended up going home by myself (i.e. didn’t have anyone to ride the train with). In itself I don’t mind that, just that it takes so long… in any case I’m glad I went!

Today we ventured to the beach. We got there after 5 and stayed about an hour and a half. It’s my first beach trip for a while. It was nice to see the ocean.

This blog is quickly becoming an endeavor of the past… when I was across the country from everyone who wanted to know about my life, it served a purpose. Now, it seems less important to document everything I see – most likely because Boston and the surrounding area is so familiar to me. It might make more sense to focus on the writing blog, since my most interesting posts will end up there. Because why would I ever post something creative and contemplative anywhere else, once the writing blog is created?


~ by plaidlylush on June 26, 2010.

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