Recommended Entertainment

Ten Inch Hero

This is one of my favorite movies. It might be a little corny/cheesy/crumbly/other food-related terms to some people, but I like that it’s generally light-hearted while not shying away from things like sex, which is a huge topic in this movie. It’s extremely funny, admirable performances by the actors, and I think captures emotions sparked by different types of relationships very well. There aren’t any really big names in the movie, but some you might recognize are Clea DuVall and Jensen Ackles. I would definitely recommend it if you want something not too involved, funny, with an uplifting end – as long as you don’t mind a little bit of cheese. 😉


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Having recently finished this book, it hasn’t had much time to mull in my mind, but I really did enjoy it. I’ve never read the original (I have seen the movie, though, so I already knew the story), so I don’t know how this book actually compares to the unmolested work. However, I do know that it was an entertaining book, if quite ridiculous – which was only to be expected. The sections added by Seth Grahame generally stuck to the tone and language of Jane Austen, which is in itself fairly impressive. The illustrations were enjoyable, although in my opinion Mr. Darcy looked younger than he should. Little things like that, though, are not really to be thought on too much with this type of book. If you want to nitpick about literary qualities and the relationships between characters, go read Pride and Prejudice and leave the zombies to people who just want a little Victorian-gory entertainment.


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