Brighton So Far

•June 7, 2010 • 1 Comment

Last Tuesday, I made the move to Boston. I live in a house that connects to the houses on either side, shared with 9 other people. Two rooms are still occupied by only one person, but it seems that will change next month, at which point every room has at least 1.5 occupants (it’s complicated: don’t ask).

My bedroom is the tiny part of an enormous room dubbed the “Math Suite.” If I decide I want privacy, then I can string a curtain across the opening between the huge part of the room and the small part, in which only I sleep. In a month I’m moving to a different room.

I don’t have a bed. I used an air mattress that did not stay inflated the first night. Then I stole an ages-old futon from downstairs to pad my bed area a bit more. Using the air mattress on top of it was a bit more comfortable, but not very. I have most recently been sleeping on just the ages-old futon, which is, in my opinion, more comfortable than the air mattress, although not as comfortable as a real mattress or a REAL BED. I will have a real bed next month.

For the most part I have avoided spending money so far. Several times I have parted with $5-8 to buy something food-related. Otherwise I have satisfied myself with various items from the kitchen, or dinners bought by other people and offered to everyone and/or me. I do want to have evenings out with dinner at a restaurant and fun and etc. – but that type of outing will be extremely rare until I can boast some kind of income. Any kind. Even $50 a week would be better than nothing – for now, anyway.

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you’ll know something about my last move. And you might think this one won’t work out any better. You might be right – after all, I can’t predict the future… but I already know this: Moving to California was a mistake. Moving to Boston was not. Whatever I have to do to stay here, that is what I will do.


Thought for the Night

•May 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Apocalypse weather aside, the most significant thing about tonight:

Having finished my last shift for Alternatives, I am now in a position to feel the Boston move upon me. Up until now there has been too much between me and my move-in date to get too excited about it. Now I am amazingly excited, since it’s the next thing I get to think about. I no longer have to plan my life until that time around my shifts at work.

Other than being at Shalom this weekend, I finally get to focus my energy on moving, on Real Life, on Boston! I will not realize how much I really love Boston until I get to know it much better… I only love what I already know so far. I’m certain there will be a drawback or two to living in the city, but I’ll be able to get over them.

The Final Week

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I have three days of work remaining, followed by a day of packing, followed by a weekend of AWESOME at the Memorial Day Work Weekend at Shalom Mountain in Livingston Manor, NY. And following that, I have a day of moving. And then a good long while of living in Boston.

I would prefer to have a free last week to hang around, knit, read, organize things, and such, but I would also prefer to make a nice chunk of money with my twenty-three hours of work. You’ll understand when you’re a recent college grad moving to a city from your parents’ house. And, as it seems the packing I’ve already done will help me tremendously when I’m trying to finish most of it up on Thursday, I can afford to have little time to work on it for the next few days. Besides, I’m only moving an hour away – I can come back to get more things and organize the rest of the crap I’m leaving here some weekend in the near future.

I have so much more faith in this move than the last one. California really didn’t want me, and that’s fine. Boston, it seems, does.

Songs That Make You Cry

•May 21, 2010 • 4 Comments

My second semester at Bennington, I enrolled in a course called The Language of Music under the foolish expectation that it would answer those questions that cannot be answered about music. I was certainly glad that I took that class, but it certainly didn’t give me what I thought it would when I first read the description.

Why are some intervals more pleasing to the ear than others? Why do people like a particular type or piece of music more than others? Why do some songs make you cry? These qualities of music, as far as I will ever believe, cannot be explained. I’m coming to believe that people are drawn to music in certain keys because they resonate with our natural frequencies, but that could be bullstardollarsignpercentandnumbersymbols. Just a theory.

I would like to know why songs evoke certain emotions in us. Once in a while it’s the lyrics, but usually it’s some quality of the sounds that is making you cry, not the words being sung. I don’t think we’ll ever know.

Let People Watch You Write!

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Perhaps, since it has now been done, it would only be copying an extremely cool idea to do it again. However, that doesn’t stop me from being tempted to use MeetingWords to write a story, allowing anyone who wanted to read as I write and edit, as writer Matt Bell did recently. I found out through this link.

I’m not going to do this now. I don’t have a story, and I don’t have an audience. Perhaps if I started writing a novel, I could build a fan base slowly. Who knows. All I know is that the worst fanfictions ever written seem to have the most reviews, indicating that most people reading online have the worst possible taste in writing. That phenomenon might only apply to fanfiction, though. Whether it does or not, I can pretty much guarantee that only a few family members and friends would read it – in the beginning, at least. While I’m grateful that my family and friends are interested in my writing, they don’t offer enough of a market to bring success in working as a writer. (No offense, guys, it’s just plain truth.)

So no, I’m not going to rush out and copy Matt Bell – whose story I only scanned briefly, being more interested for the moment in the writing online in real time idea (I might read it later. Sorry Matt Bell) – I have bookmarked MeetingWords and I will keep it in mind for the time when using it will be a really good idea.

Thought for the Night

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I have become a lapsed writer. Other than the work on the Mythology Project, I have hardly done any writing at all for a year. I haven’t generated anything new – beyond what I wrote for the last writing course I took at Bennington – in so long. I have thousands of ideas in my head, of course, but I have not inclined myself to put it on paper.

And so I’m forced to ask: What is wrong with me? I found out years ago that I’m happiest when I’m writing every day, or nearly every day. It is the one thing I really need to pursue in my life (not including interpersonal relationships). And yet I spend most of my time NOT doing it. What kind of writer does that make me? Well, like I said…


Pictures of Trees

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Lately I wake up to leafy, green, flowering, cool air and warm sun out every window, and this house seems so much more picturesque than I ever thought. I haven’t been here during this particular time of year since 2005. It’s only logical that I wouldn’t remember how beautiful it is in the spring when everything takes its turn at blooming and the sun is always out and the air is always so wonderfully temperate. I suppose I will miss looking out of windows into beautiful lawn and calm trees, but there is a gorgeous park a few minutes’ walk from the place in Boston. Besides, I can always look at pictures of trees on the internet. 😉