But I Might Have a Job Soon

Two weeks and nothing new?

That’s right. I mostly limit my blogging to writing-related things these days, which means that all of my blog posts appear on my OTHER blog (http://devajashewaywriting.wordpress.com/). I am, in fact, only writing anything because I noticed that it has been exactly two weeks since my last post on this blog.

Yes, for the most part, each day passes much the same. I try to work on the job hunt, try to do something vaguely productive unrelated to job hunting, eat food. I try not to sit around in my pajamas every day. I end up having to buy something expensive (over $50 at least – like the time I bought a memory foam mattress pad to make the old futon I was sleeping on a little bit comfortable). I check to see if the enormous spider outside of my bedroom window is still there. (Right now, it is.)

I’m not one of those people who can take the “leisure” time of unemployment to do something really useful, like learning a language or new skill or finishing their novel. I’ve been trying quite hard to be a productive writer, but, as I’ve commented in my other blog, and possibly this one as well, unemployment sucks away all my time and will because the need to make money is pressing. Unemployment is not leisure. It is stress.

If you were hoping to read something of interest, I would suggest clicking on that link. My boring life of stressing about job searching can’t possibly offer much in terms of entertainment or thought-provocation, but my writing blog is more likely to be fun to read.


~ by plaidlylush on October 20, 2010.

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