Interlude with a Feline

I started reading The Julie/Julia Project (the blog Julie & Julia is based on) this afternoon, after being linked to it through I’ve wondered since seeing the movie what the blog is really like, so I’m reading at least a few months’ worth of posts at the moment. The cat, who has been in the room but not close to me for much of the day, finally moved to my bed to hang out.

I went downstairs to claim my pastry, brought home by one of my roommates from the bakery where she works (yes, nearly everyone but me is employed). Incidentally, this pastry is a glorious thing. If heaven were a lemon cake, it would taste like this. I am currently digesting paradise. Mmmmm…

When I came back upstairs, the cat is sitting on my bed, facing my open laptop, the screen of which is showing the blog I’ve been reading. This is at least the third incident that seems to indicate his ability to read.


~ by plaidlylush on October 6, 2010.

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