Moving In

I have a new writing blog. If you look off to the side where the calendar is, you’ll see a link to it. I bet you can guess which link it is… so far I haven’t built up many posts, but I plan to put something up every day if I can manage it. With any luck, I’ll slowly build up readers… feedback on the writing is eagerly welcomed.

Today I walked down Washington St. to Cafenation for lunch. It’s about a 15 minute walk, fairly pleasant and a much-needed bit of exercise… They have excellent coffee for my taste, and I had a delicious pesto chicken sandwich. They also have smoothies and a nice selection of crepes, which I intend to try next time I go there to eat. It’s a nice little space… next time I’m writing a novel, maybe I’ll do some of the work there.

Yesterday, I finally took my comforter set out of the package. I’ve had it since October or November, but hadn’t really needed it. I still don’t really, as it’s summer and likely to be warm out, but I wanted to add some comfort to my life. The cat really likes my comforter. He’s spent hours on my bed since I laid it out. I’m glad. I’ll take all the cat love I can get. (Platonic only, though!) In addition, this comforter set is gorgeous. Come over to my house, you’ll see what I mean.

I’m off to apply to an editing job and then watch the Glee finale. Life is SO HARD!!


~ by plaidlylush on June 9, 2010.

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