Brighton So Far

Last Tuesday, I made the move to Boston. I live in a house that connects to the houses on either side, shared with 9 other people. Two rooms are still occupied by only one person, but it seems that will change next month, at which point every room has at least 1.5 occupants (it’s complicated: don’t ask).

My bedroom is the tiny part of an enormous room dubbed the “Math Suite.” If I decide I want privacy, then I can string a curtain across the opening between the huge part of the room and the small part, in which only I sleep. In a month I’m moving to a different room.

I don’t have a bed. I used an air mattress that did not stay inflated the first night. Then I stole an ages-old futon from downstairs to pad my bed area a bit more. Using the air mattress on top of it was a bit more comfortable, but not very. I have most recently been sleeping on just the ages-old futon, which is, in my opinion, more comfortable than the air mattress, although not as comfortable as a real mattress or a REAL BED. I will have a real bed next month.

For the most part I have avoided spending money so far. Several times I have parted with $5-8 to buy something food-related. Otherwise I have satisfied myself with various items from the kitchen, or dinners bought by other people and offered to everyone and/or me. I do want to have evenings out with dinner at a restaurant and fun and etc. – but that type of outing will be extremely rare until I can boast some kind of income. Any kind. Even $50 a week would be better than nothing – for now, anyway.

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you’ll know something about my last move. And you might think this one won’t work out any better. You might be right – after all, I can’t predict the future… but I already know this: Moving to California was a mistake. Moving to Boston was not. Whatever I have to do to stay here, that is what I will do.


~ by plaidlylush on June 7, 2010.

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  1. Oh sweetie! I don’t like to think of you as uncomfortable!

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