Goodbye, April!

We had some good times, but I’m moving on. Spring is finally treating us well and I want to keep going toward summer. I’ll see you again next year.

I ran a full scan of my computer (rather than the quick scan I usually do) because it shut down for no apparent reason while I was in the middle of things. As always, the “risk” it found was only a tracking cookie… it never finds anything, but when things like that happen I automatically think virus/damage to the memory or something. I think it’s fine, but if things like that keep happening, and it keeps telling me nothing is really wrong, then one of these days my computer will stop working completely and I won’t know why. And if I have to buy a new computer, I’m screwed. I could probably use the microsoft office I have, but the cost of a new computer does not fit into my projected budget for the next few months.

I submitted my Mythology Project (maybe I should just change the title to that…) to the Leapfrog Press Fiction Contest. I think this book fits with what they say they look for, so I really wanted to submit it. I’m waiting for the confirmation email. Like the weirdo I am, I’m concerned because my subject line was “Fiction Contest” instead of “Leapfrog Fiction Contest. I’m sure that doesn’t make a difference, but I worry. Especially because the deadline for the contest is tomorrow, so if for some reason it didn’t go through, I don’t really have time to resubmit. Just hoping to have the confirmation (i.e. we received your submission…) today.

Work in May seems to have worked out pretty well. I have a bunch of days free – and those will probably go to packing, unfortunately, rather than social time – but still enough shifts to pad my bank account a little more. Really good thing.

I just cleaned the bathtub. I don’t generally wear gloves when I clean, so of course I got bleach all over my hands. I washed them after, but still… bad idea. I mean, it wasn’t pure bleach or anything, it’s the powdered bleach-like stuff, but it’s still not formulated for your skin. On the other hand, the bathtub is not so bad anymore.

And I’ll be going out tonight, and expect to have fun. So April is ending on a pretty good note.


~ by plaidlylush on April 30, 2010.

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