The Street Unsweeping

They put up signs that say we can’t park on our street, because the sweepers will be coming by. But we keep moving our cars and they keep not coming down our street. We’re very unhappy about it.

As for Boston, I have a place to move into and a time when I can move, and I am officially planning to do so – but I still don’t know the actual address. I know what street and town, but any more than that is beyond my knowledge. Which seems strange to me.

And here are the questions I am already tired of answering: What are you going to do in Boston? Do you have a job lined up? How do you expect to pay for everything? Blah blah blah… just like when I was graduating from high school I got tired of hearing: Where did you apply to college? What do you want to study?

Have you ever noticed that, depending on what stage of life you’re in, everyone asks you the same questions over and over and over? I can never tell if it’s because they are really curious or if those are the questions you’re “supposed” to ask. Maybe they don’t even know.

And a writing update: My Krishna collection is GOOD. It’s so good. I was going through the last story again yesterday, and a few hours later I thought to myself, “That’s a damn good story.” I swear I’m not being self-important or whatever. If you read it you’d like it too. It’s called The Universe Through Their Mouths: Tales of Krishna. I’m hoping to get it published asap, this year if possible, or as soon as I find someone who wants to publish it. I’d love to work with a small publisher, but then again if a large publisher wanted to roll with it, and go to greater efforts to market it, I wouldn’t be complaining.


~ by plaidlylush on April 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Street Unsweeping”

  1. San Francisco is the same way. Either you keep moving your car all the time or you get ticket after ticket. My son sold a VW van there and someone accumulated over $700.00 of tickets and somehow they came to him! It is a pain in the butt admittedly…maybe you could just consider it “forced exercise” walking to the car to move it and back to where you were. 🙂

  2. I want to know if you have a view of the Esplanade for the 4th of July?

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