Submitting Fiction

There was a writing contest I intended to submit my mythology project to – immediate digression: it’s funny to me that I still like to call it “the mythology project” although it’s had a real title for ages now – but after I managed to get out my marked-up copies of the stories to continue editing, I realized that I didn’t have enough time to do all the editing that’s needed before I send it out. I also want to read over the stories after editing, to see what else might need to be fixed, and so I will let the deadline of March 31 pass by. The next contest to which I might submit this project set a date of May 1, which I believe gives me the perfect amount of time to finish this round of edits.

In a way, the best part of editing this project is being reminded of what I wrote in my first drafts, and enjoying reading the stories. One of the best things about writing, to me, is being able to enjoy my own work as a reader.

I’m feeling strangely optimistic at the moment, considering what’s been going on in my personal life, and on that optimism I want to provide a sample of the story I am currently editing. Just a taste, really – a few paragraphs. Here we see the thoughts of Izanagi as he sits trapped in the underword.

~The only possible routes out were the waterways. I could not return the way I had come, fearing that enemies awaited on the other side. The pool was a pit of uncertainty. I did not know if it led anywhere, or if it did, if its other end came out somewhere I wanted to be. What would become of me if I dove into it and swam down, down forever?
As I stared at the dark water, that line of thought drifted away. An intense thirst displaced it. It took me some time to recognize it. I had never experienced hunger or thirst before. Remembering Izanami, I wondered if water counted as food of the underworld – if I drank, would I be forced to remain there? The thought made me shiver. It occurred to me that the thirst was a mechanism of Yomi, a pull to consume something of the land and become its newest permanent resident. I sat against a column with very little of the hungry gray moss and folded my arms around my knees.
I kept staring. I could not determine if my thirst increased or diminished, but it did not leave. I remained just as motionless, unable to focus my mind on a way to exit Yomi with this thirst burning on my tongue.
After a long while, my right leg twitched. That tiny movement was enough to propel me to my feet. I thought, Just one taste cannot be harmful; it is only water. I will not even swallow. I’ll splash some on my face, maybe rinse my parched mouth to sooth the thirst. I won’t drink. At the edge of the pool I caught my reflection, distorted by the limited light and sallow from lack of sun. For the briefest moment, I had large, threatening blue eyes and a mouth full of sharp, long teeth. The unsettling vision passed, and I reached out my hands to cup some Yomi water.~

I hope that was enjoyable, even if it is not the most artful passage I could possibly have chosen. Now it’s off to do the some of the editing I never got to last night.


~ by plaidlylush on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Submitting Fiction”

  1. Wow! I love that reading! I mean it. You go girl. Don’t stop now. You have to edit and submit.

  2. I loved the reading! Don’t stop writing. You’ve got what it takes.

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