Writing Frivolous

Since today is filled with pet worries (sick doggy), attempts to clean up and rearrange my room and the desire to get responses from jobs to which I apply, I want to just write about nothing that really matters – just some thoughts that have been floating in my mind lately.

Women’s clothing: There’s a trend that seems to be on the rise in the past few months, and that is the “boyfriend” fit. It’s fairly straightforward; this style is meant to appear as if you’ve borrowed your boyfriend’s clothes. This style looks good on some women, but for me it’s generally just frustrating. Oversized clothing, while once favored in my wardrobe, is no longer my preference. If I want to buy an item that is labelled “boyfriend” anything, it doesn’t fit the way I like my clothes to fit. It’s an easy fix, usually: I go down a size and it looks pretty nice, actually. However, were I in a hurry, or shopping online, I would be in danger of forgetting, or ordering my usual size to be safe, as I hate to return things I buy online. In general, I find the rule of One Size Down works on this type of clothing.

Do you notice something, though? Last year, painted-on skinny jeans were the thing you were supposed to wear all the time. Now, although I’m sure skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere yet, the fashion world is encouraging loose clothing that doesn’t really fit you, nor does it in fact imply that you have a boyfriend. Like I said, the look works for some people, but sometimes I don’t think these styles are made for the people they flatter, but to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves so we’ll go to great lengths to “fix” our bodies, which generally don’t need it.

Transformers: I liked Revenge of the Fallen. That is, I liked watching it, because it was entertaining, and some of the actors in it are ones I really like. (Not including Megan Fox… I don’t have anything against her, and I actually like her character in Transformers, I just don’t think she’s one of the standout performers in this group. But this is beside the point.) But even though it was fun to watch, the story was… not great. A machine that can destroy the sun is hidden in a pyramid, and it can only be activated by the “Matrix of Leadership,” which is in the hidden tomb of the Primes??? Really?

Here’s what really doesn’t make sense: if, as the Primes tell Sam, the Matrix has to be earned, and that’s why it turned to dust when he touched it, how is The Fallen even able to touch it? Did he somehow earn the Matrix of Leadership when the cameras were off? Are the rules just different for him?

And also, what became of the little Decepticon who tried to steal the shard? He disappears for the last half hour or so of the movie, and I don’t remember seeing him at the end.

I realize that there is nothing that interesting or worthwhile in this post, but that’s just the point.


~ by plaidlylush on March 24, 2010.

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