It’s pretty nice and warm today – 50 degrees! – and I don’t see any snow or very cold weather in the forecast. The lows are still in the freezing range, but not very far below. Is it Spring? Am I going to be able to put away my winter boots – which I wouldn’t mind wearing for another few weeks – and the awesome cozy scarf and go back to pashminas, sweatshirts and cute sneakers? Because honestly, as much as I love snow, I think it’s about time for winter to dwindle away for the year. The last storm did seem like a swan song to me. I feel that comparison vaguely appropriate because it was at least pretty in the beginning…

This weekend I drove up to Vermont to visit Bennington. I saw most of my friends who are still there and were not away in other countries. It was an extremely pleasant visit weather-wise and merchandise-wise. I didn’t spend too much – most of my expenses were food-related, it turned out. Most notably, I have now added to our collection of Vermontiki glasses, including two that I will be taking with me when I finally move out – for real this time, not like the move to California. And for home, we now have three out of four of those colorful faces.

It was a little bit sad yesterday morning to walk around campus and know I was leaving soon, but I didn’t want to ruin the time by moping. Mostly, I was just happy to be there again, and to remember the things I loved about Bennington (even if I also had to remember some of the things I didn’t love).

I have not been quenched, however – I went back to an old familiar place, but I feel the need to go somewhere new for a day or two, a retreat to gather myself and refresh my desire to do something worthwhile in life. I think this place should involve the ocean.


~ by plaidlylush on March 8, 2010.

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