One Day Without Unhappiness

Today is my birthday, and I’m 23, and I suppose I’ll very soon start acting like an actual adult. Today, though, I’m just feeling happy/content and enjoying all the birthday wishes and presents and expectations of further presents.

I find myself wishing I was the woman in my calendar’s February picture. She’s standing next to a body of still water, surrounded by extremely green hills and a beautiful sunset, and she looks extremely content. I am rather jealous of her – not least because the place where she is looks like Ireland. But, like I said, today is my birthday and I’m not allowing space to be jealous of a woman in a picture.

In a few hours, I will be going out for my birthday dinner. I’m anticipating too much now – I should not think about it for at least another hour, but I am so looking forward to delicious tapas and paella that I can’t help being distracted. I don’t want to sit around anymore, I want to go out and have a special birthday dinner.

In my new winter boots.

I think I’ve figured out part of why I am so restless at the moment – it is because the only thing I want to do is create. That could be art, music, writing, knitting, cooking – as long as I am making something. And I want to not have to fit creation around a job I do just to make money. Most people would probably say “Too effing bad.” I feel the urge to ignore those people after responding “Just because you’re unhappy in your work doesn’t mean everyone should be.”

Forgive me that slightly judgmental digression. That’s not what today is about. Today is for being, if not really happy, at least devoid of unhappiness. I’m feeling pleasant on purpose for the whole day. Even though it may not be your birthday, you should try it. It’s quite nice.


~ by plaidlylush on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “One Day Without Unhappiness”

  1. Just to let you know, even when you’re an adult you’ll do childish things. (intentional or not)

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