Employment Musings

The job I currently have – irregular hour, part time, no benefits, etc – is expected to give me a few shifts a week, most of the time – not a very large income, but at least my bank accounts won’t simply continue to deplete. Then yesterday I get called in and suddenly my hours for the week are up to thirty.

I do need to work, I do need the money, but that is not the bottom line. Still, it’s more responsible to have a job of some kind.

I did not get the Editorial Assistant position I was waiting to hear from. I’m not really surprised, despite the interview going very well, because there’s likely to always be someone who has more experience than me – while the economy is this way, and even when it’s not… I’ve been asked to interview for an internship with Barefoot Books (summer, so it’d be a while coming), and that could help me somewhat with the experience issue.

I should be able to tell possible employers that my old jobs (the ones I’ve had while home, that is) both asked me if I wanted to come back to work for them – I didn’t have to go through much to convince anyone to rehire me. That should tell them something important and make them want to hire me.

I read a book recently that reminded me how much I love yarn stores, and certain other types, and how much I would like to have one of my own. Most people, upon hearing that I want to own a store, would probably say to me “why not?” (coupled with “that’ll be a lot of work, you know” or “are you really sure?”) And the truth is, there’s no reason why not. There is a reason why not now, since the idea of starting a business is a little unrealistic for someone who does not really know much about owning/running one, aside from the obvious. It’s in my mind, though, as something that would actually make me happy.

The main worry I have in this regard is that I would be too busy to write, which is, or should be, the most important aspect of my life (not involving other people). If it would not leave me any time to write, I would not want to do it.


~ by plaidlylush on January 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Employment Musings”

  1. I want to have a bead store someday. Maybe we can have our stores near each other! And then when people buy yarn and they’re like “Damn, I wish I had some beads to go with this yarn” they can come to my store!

  2. Maybe you & Christina could launch a store together – bead/yarn.
    One of Lara’s parishioners in Petersham (her name is Emily), owns a yarn store. I bet she would be willing to tell you about her experience. The store is in Athol. We should plan an excursion out there sometime.

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