Employment Update

Well, things aren’t going entirely as I’d like yet, but they aren’t so grim. The latest news consists of these three things:

1. This week I’ve gotten two responses to applications – both of which are clearly scams. The first told me “you’re hired!” right away, and then brought me to the sketchiest day care website I’ve ever seen. First of all, there are no details aside from the emails of the people who are supposedly running this alleged “day care center.” Then, a quick web search found a duplicate website for a different location – and this is a day care center that is supposed to be run by two single mothers. At this point, I laugh and file away this response into my huge waste of time folder. The second was unclear about whether they were hiring me or not, but the job, listed on Craigslist as “Administrative Clerk,” consists of TRANSFERRING MONEY AND KEEPING A COMMISSION. You know that’s a scam. Once you read this, if you still think it’s a legitimate job, you haven’t read a thing about spotting scams… and even if you haven’t, you have to recognize that it’s a sketchy way to make a living. Why would you want to do that? This is my third scam in all. Let me ask you – HOW am I supposed to get anywhere if half the jobs I apply to are scams? Also, HOW do people not have anything better to do with their time than try to cheat other people for a few bucks?

I really must stress this: if there is any doubt at all, DO NOT respond to this job. Definitely don’t give out personal information unless you’re sure of its security.

2. I have the possibility of a job which, being overnight and on weekends, both removes a significant number of social opportunities and provides ample time for a second job and/or dedicated writing with the intent of publication. Or at least submission for publication. I can’t be absolutely certain they’ll hire me, but I have begun the process and we’ll see what happens. Bonus: job has benefits!

3. I have a “writing internship” for a website which I can almost trust. In this age, we learn to be extremely wary of the internet and any jobs for which you never meet anyone in person. The truth is, if it were a scam, it would be the most effort I’ve ever seen put forth for such an endeavor. Their website is currently in “alpha,” meaning that it is not yet available for general viewing and web search. The site does come up, but currently a lot of cosmetic work, let’s call it, still needs to be done on the site, and what you see if you simply search “littlebiggy.org” is a very amateur looking site on which there are basically no links to click. For the stage in which the website is meant to be, this is perfectly acceptable. What I can’t figure out: not that google is the ultimate resource for all information, but the address to which they want me to send my w-9 form seems to be a housing development, and the person to whom they say to send it is almost nonexistent on the internet. When I searched Googlemaps for littlebiggy inc, it appears in the middle of a Santa Monica Shopping Center – it isn’t a store, so this is rather odd to me. Of course, they often place things wrong on Google maps… the thing is, though, assuming that it is just an elaborate scheme to make people believe they are real, and I believe them and send the tax form so they can pay me almost nothing, then they have my social security number. If more people who are fairly smart but end up believing them send in tax forms, then they have a stack of social security numbers. It would not end well for the people whose identities are then stolen.

Perhaps I’m just very skeptical, but I am hesitating to continue when I think that I’m sending off very personal information to people I have know way of knowing, a company I have no way to verify, for the promise of a very small amount of money, and exposure as a writer on a site that is not yet, shall we say, in circulation. What do you think?

I’ll sum up the rest: I’m waiting to hear back from several places, and I’m trying, trying, trying to search for more opportunities, but the more I find, the more I doubt. That is, I could apply to any anonymous listing for a receptionist, or administrative position, but those have been all the scams so far. Is the chance for a job I don’t really want worth dealing with all of the fake jobs trying to steal my money? I’m trying to be in touch with friends and be at least moderately social, but schedules are often difficult to match up – not that I have much of a schedule,  but when they are free, that’s the little time when I actually do have plans. Ironic, I think. And I’m wishing right now for opportunities to perform as a singer, or to sell some knitting projects. That type of thing either falls into your lap or takes so much legwork that you really need a few extras, in addition to the 2 that most people have.

This has been a production of Life Trying To Hope…


~ by plaidlylush on January 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Employment Update”

  1. You are wise to be wary. Don’t give your SS number online.
    It’s a hard time to be job hunting, but at least you have the mothers to feed and house you.

  2. I’m a former employee at littleBiggy, and I would strongly advise you to not take up a job there if you haven’t made the mistake already. You’re absolutely right – the name of the person they want you to send your w9 form to is virtually non-existent on the Internet. Oh, and their “parent company” (I suppose you can call it, since it’s run by the same people) is BigRedWire.com – try googling “bigredwire complaints” sometime if you want to be happy you never did business with these people. One of the “higher-ups” there even invaded the blog of one of their former writers who questioned the validity of what they’re doing and posted what could be construed as harassing comments – it seems they are very sensitive to criticism on the web. If you are currently involved with them, again, I would urge to trust your instincts on this one and sever ties. Many of their writers jumped ship long ago and you would have to wonder why. If you even want to further delve into the rubbish, try doing a search for “fred buddemeyer” at the Santa Barbara County court records online and check out all the litigations he’s been involved in – he’s a personal friend of the owner of littlebiggy and runs alot of the show there. Good luck.

    • Wow, that’s unsettling. I have already went back and refused their internship. I told them I want to focus on other kinds of writing – which is true – and I never sent them my information. I’m glad I have a working gut reaction… Thanks for your input!

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