How to Blog so Strangers Will Read It

The world of the blog is… I don’t have anything to follow that. It just IS.

I should not write with the aim of more readers, but then again, if I don’t, why would I bother to write at all? Most writers do not write for themselves – that is, we write because we want to or need to, but not for ourselves as the audience. And so I want people to read my blog, and to want to come back for more. My life, however, does not seem interesting enough to keep strangers engaged…

I feel as if I should make a separate blog for everything. One for job searching only, one for social happenings, another for thought-for-the-night, and a completely different one for creative writing. This blog features all of these, and therefore is uncategorizeable. The most successful blogs seem to be very specified ones, like Julie Powell’s blog about cooking through Julia Child’s book, or The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. An unfocused blog is of no interest. An unfocused blog is like an anthology of insignificant works.

“That’s too bad,” says Plaidlylush, author of the blog 3,214 Miles. “It’s meant to be an account of life, all the little things that happen when you try to have one. All the thoughts that pass through your mind when you go about your day, when you come back from seeing a good friend, when you still don’t have a job after six months, a year. Life is not focused and ordered. Life is all that happens, not simply the moments you want to select to make it appear a certain way. Even if all you can remember falls into a certain category, you know as well as I do that life is more of a random collection – some of which can be sorted under sub-headings, but other pieces of which have no choice but to stand alone.”


~ by plaidlylush on January 6, 2010.

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