Thought for the Night: Work From Home

I found a link while job-searching today for a “work-for-google-from-home-part-time-and-make-lots-of-money” scheme. I clicked because I couldn’t help being curious, but when the article says that Some Single Mother makes $6,000 a week working for about 10 hours, I sense invisible flashing warning lights. The page where you enter your information to get the work-from-home kit looks quite ridiculously sketchy. The article about the “real person” who makes a good living this way is easily bulls*!%. Anyone with passable writing skills could make up that story, and they could do a google image search for “mother at home” or something along those lines, allowing them to add pictures to the web page to make it appear more legit. However, just because it mentions that most of the work-from-home options are scams does not mean that it isn’t one. I would like to believe that I could make thousands of dollars every week for a few hours of work, but for real people, the world doesn’t function that way. In order for me to believe this (which, from the information I have, feels like a hoax), I would have to hear from someone that I know well enough to be certain that they aren’t lying to me that it is a real thing that works.

When that happens, I’ll be the first to rush off and send away for this work from home kit and start making my money – since it would, in fact, be a semi-ideal situation, allowing me plenty of time to write and making me more money than I would make at most regular jobs I could get at this point. Right now, a few words posted on the internet do not do enough to offset the creep factor in entering personal information into a web page that looks like this.


~ by plaidlylush on December 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thought for the Night: Work From Home”

  1. I’ve seen then too and taken the “if it seems to geed to be true” adage with this, and since when does Google need to farm out it’s work?

  2. Too good to be true…lots of ‘scam’ alerts for these “work from home with Google” ads. Here’s one:

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