Feeling Christmas

This message is probably best directed toward people who celebrate Christmas, whether or not they are Christian (I’m not).

I know that some people find the holidays very stressful. Say that, for whatever reason, you’re not happy: stressed, lonely, sick, depressed, miserable, hopeless, whatever. It is quite easy to sink into whatever the negative feeling is and let it ruin your holiday. What if you simply took some time to think about Christmas itself? Now, this won’t work for everybody, and I’m sure some people will harumph at me and call me a naive optimist. But maybe – MAYBE – you could really try it and see what happens. My idea is this:

Whatever is going on in your life right now, forget about it. Find a calm place and sit. Close your eyes. Listen. See if you can become peaceful enough within yourself to actually feel Christmas. I feel Christmas sometimes without trying, so I’m certain that, if you try hard enough, it is very possible to do. But you can’t then say “Well, it’s Christmas, but I’m still unemployed.” Not allowed. Just feel Christmas. It’s a special day for a reason, and that reason is not sparkly trees, presents and egg nog.

…although, those things are a huge perk ;).


~ by plaidlylush on December 24, 2009.

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