Job-Hunting For Christmas

Close to Christmastime, I find that there are two huge obstacles when it comes to job searching.

1. Availability – of employers, that is. So many people are on vacation in the days surrounding Christmas, it’s difficult to get in touch with possible employers – even ones who have already contacted you and asked you to call them back. However hard I might work to find a job, I’m not going to get very far if no one is around to receive my correspondence.

2. Motivation – In simplest terms, I’m so used to Christmas being a vacation time that even looking for a job feels like work that should wait until after. Christmas is for listening to holiday music and baking and eating special foods, watching Christmas specials and seeing family members and friends, not for working on cover letters and trying to track down the people that might possibly employ you, if you can just manage to actually speak to someone. However, there’s always a reason to wait, and part of my job (in term of job-hunting) is not letting myself adhere to them. I suppose – or I hope, that everyone has some kind of habits that are detrimental to personal progress, but it’s possible to overcome them.

The best Christmas present would be getting hired for something – that, or suddenly have a remaining balance of $0.00 on my loans.


~ by plaidlylush on December 22, 2009.

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