Home, Where the Heart Is

And it really is already there. I’m going to be happy to be there. I don’t like dealing with all the luggage and shipping costs and all that… I don’t like middle seats on airplanes, and I’m pretty sure that was all that was left when I bought my ticket… I don’t like the hours before you leave when you’re just waiting, waiting… As it turns out, all that stuff is completely transient and therefore more than endurable – it turns out it’s actually worth it.

The cost for mailing all three packages – none of them very heavy – was over $50. It seems so wrong to me. The heaviest one was the cheapest, of course. Why such lightweight packages need to cost more than $20 to send, I have no idea. I just hope everything gets to the house all right – even if it takes a week or two.

This flight, I don’t doubt, is going to be stressful in terms of comfort and patience. I am almost certain to have a middle seat, which I feel is unjust. I won’t be able to sleep – I did choose to fly overnight, so I can’t complain too much about that – but if the people next to me are sleeping, I just hope they don’t drool, snore loudly, or try to use me as a pillow. Sure the seats are cozily close together, but even on an airplane there is such thing as a personal bubble. I predict restlessness on my part specifically because I’ll be in the middle. On the aisle, there’s no problem getting up if you want to. In the window seat, you get to stare out at the sky. In the middle you have neither, or perhaps only peripherally if at all… with the best luck in the world, one of the seats next to me will not be filled, and I’ll be able to move over.

I find myself wishing that they would play something like Snakes on a Plane or Red Eye during the flight, the kind of movie that it’s almost sadistic to run on an airplane and therefore it would be pretty funny if they did. They’ll probably choose something that I’m interested in watching, but not something that I really want. Then again, they might give us Half Blood Prince. That would be fun.

On my mind now is packing. I have serious doubts about my ability to fit everything in my bags, even after paying excessive extra money to send a fair amount of my things through the Postal Service. I’m sure it’s just my Murphy’s Law side, doubting as usual – generally, nothing ever goes wrong that can’t easily be fixed – but whatever the reason, there remains that nagging sense that there is no way I can do this.


~ by plaidlylush on December 10, 2009.

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