Weekend Update

Earlier today I had reason to remember a moment from Sex and the City (the movie): a certain combination of the main characters is sitting outside at the Mexican resort Carrie had booked for her honeymoon, and Miranda lets Carrie know that she can have her apartment back at a higher price than she sold it for. In response, Carrie says, “You can go home again – but it’ll cost you.”

It reminded me of my own situation. Not quite as drastic, of course, but it still applies. My plane ticket to come out here cost $99 – 120, I think, with taxes applied. My ticket home is $155 with tax. There is less of a difference there than I was thinking, but it costs more to go back home than it does to leave. If you add the money I’ll spend to ship three boxes of stuff back to MA, it’ll probably be closer to 200. Because I had to pay for checked baggage and overweight fees on the way here, I’m not including that in the cost to go home – the amounts cancel each other out in comparison. Then there is the mental anguish I’ve undergone… but now that I’m closer to going home, and closer to Christmas, I’m feeling a little happier.

Something I’ve learned recently: Victoria’s Secret sells a lot of things other than underwear. Like sweaters and coats and jeans. I was surprised, but I guess you couldn’t expect them to limit their market. Their items are on the moderately expensive side for me, but I tend to be tempted to buy stuff from them…

You should check out this website. They’re pretty awesome.

COLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We build community and work toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy.


~ by plaidlylush on December 6, 2009.

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