Grey-sky Morning

It is the day after thanksgiving. The weather has gone rather downhill since Wednesday – I didn’t go outside yesterday, but I’m sure it was colder, and now it’s all grey, most likely drizzly and in the 50s. Someone clearly  threw a bunch of white on Black Friday. It is now Grey Friday.

Thanksgiving was, as usual, a food day. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, bread, cranberry sauce, pie… it was all very very delicious, and over-satisfying, as I over-ate just as you should on Thanksgiving. As a result, I was up digesting my food until after 1. Yes, that’s what I said. I know it’s strange, but if I’m that full I just can’t fall asleep.

And the verdict, in case you have not heard, is leaving. I am going back to MA mid-December, and how long I’ll stay is uncertain. I will be figuring out where I want to go from home, instead of trying to rush around to find a job that won’t pay me enough anyway to live here. If I end up back in California, that’s what happens, but that seems unlikely. Right now, I even feel like I’d rather go to Ireland than back to CA.

I’ve been realizing that it’s more important to me what I do than where I do it. I need to find a what without the pre-imposed restriction of where. Wherever I go, I’ll adjust. Somehow.


~ by plaidlylush on November 27, 2009.

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