Dream Jobs

There are jobs that you fantasize about, the kind you know you could never actually get. In some cases, you know you could do them, but they would be so difficult to find that the farthest you go is daydreaming. Here are a few of mine.

Voice talent: Reading for audiobook recordings, animations. I could do so well at this, but then, the only way it would happen would be if I happened to know someone… then, there’s the even less likely one, singing for an animated film. I am a trained singer and I would do great things with this, but it’s too hard to get that type of job.

Frontwoman for a band: A metal band like Within Temptation would be the fantasy. Songs that not just anyone can sing, a recognizable band with something very unique about them (me!). Once again, I am a trained singer, so this kind of thing isn’t totally outside the realm of possibility. Here’s the catch: I would be willing to work hard once it was established, but I would only do something like this if it found me – essentially, it would have to fall into my lap.

Concept art: I would love to illustrate books, book covers, especially for fantasy books (because the covers can be so pretty…). Unfortunately I’m not really an artist. I have some raw talent and a little bit of schooling in art, but I never practiced my talent into skill, so I can’t really art that well. I come up with great conceptual images, though, and it can be difficult to get them across in writing, so I do wish I could draw/paint better…

TV-Critic: I could do just as well as anyone else at talking about movies on TV and how much I liked or didn’t like them. To be honest, I wouldn’t really want to, but I think it’s quite ridiculous to pay people so much to sit around and talk about movies. I don’t know how much they’re actually paid, but I bet it’s too much.

House/pet-sitter: In this scenario, I am paid to look after people’s houses and pets while they go away. These people pay me well, and I get to eat their food (although not all of it, obviously) and watch their tvs and sleep in comfy beds, play with their pets, and spend all the free time (because my job is house sitting) working on my writing. Also, I’d make tons of furry friends, and that would be awesome. I could have some regular clients, people who go away rather often and don’t want to leave their pets alone/in a kennel-like situation, and a slew of one-time customers. I think you can see why this one is a dream job…


~ by plaidlylush on November 19, 2009.

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