Life Is a Highway: It Takes a Toll

I feel so tired right now. At this moment I’m tired in mind/body because I got up pretty early this morning. My mom and I wanted to spend some time before she left at 11 – we ended up at a nearby cafe for a very yummy breakfast. In general, I’m tired in spirit. Job searching saps you of all your energy. I always think that I have plenty of time to apply for things later. Then I don’t do any work because I want to be social with Sonia the few hours she’s around for it, and then when I finally get up to my computer to do the applications, I just don’t have it in me to do it. It’s not true that I never do anything late at night. There are certainly some applications that I do very late. However, the overall rule seems to be that whatever I don’t do during the day will get put off at least until tomorrow. I wish so much that the searching itself did not take as much effort as applying, the part that is essential for actually getting a job… but just looking for places to apply can be more time-consuming, and therefore more draining. If I had a job already and was searching for something else, there wouldn’t be so much pressure to apply as quickly as possible. I don’t, of course, so there it is.


My mom’s visit was fun. I was glad to see her, and we had some yummy food and good talks. The Metro Hotel is a kind of cool place. If you go to San Francisco and plan to spend a lot of time in your hotel room, I’d say book a room in a luxury hotel. If you just want a pleasant place to sleep and keep your belongings, then the Metro is a good choice. Good location, and of course you can take buses to any other spot in the city. The Grind, about two blocks away, is a great place to go for breakfast.

As a result of her stay, I haven’t taken the train since Thursday. On the way home today I finally had a good opportunity to read. I’ve decided to start The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is not at all like the Disney movie so far. There is a Clopin and a Frollo, but that’s the only similarity at this point.

The writing is more poetical than I would have expected. People are often compared to water. On the second page, I got sucked into this passage:

“To the spectators looking out of their windows, the square in front of the palace, packed solid with people, presented the appearance of a sea, with five or six streets flowing into it, constantly disgorging a stream of heads. The waves of this sea broke aggainst the corners of the houses jutting out like promontories into the irregular basin of the square.”

Most of what I’ve read so far has, in fact, been a large number of people waiting for a play to begin, yet I have not been bored. Of course, there was the possibility of a riot and the threat of mob hangings, but it’s the writing that keeps me interested. Suffice to say that I am looking forward to reading more, and I expect to enjoy it. As a bonus, this book cost me $1. Score.


I must try to do some job applicating before I go to sleep. Bona fortuna.


~ by plaidlylush on November 17, 2009.

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