Ferry Plaza Pluot

To give myself something to do, I decided to walk to Embarcadero Center today. I took a route that brought me past the farmer’s market (as well as a group of tents displaying jewelry, art, knitted stuff, etc.). It was a small one. I’m not sure if that is the typical size for the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, or if it is larger some days, but in any case it was a cool thing. There were only a few tents, really. One had tubs full of almonds, which was tempting for me, but I passed on. Another was selling lox, and I wanted some. I wouldn’t even need a bagel to put it on. Smoked salmon is delicious all on its own. And there were several prepared food booths, Mexican food and pizza and several others. A pleasant little place, all in all.

In the end, I only bought some pluots.


I walked through Embarcadero Center afterward, and although it’s a nice shopping center, most of it is probably too upscale to bother with too often. Even the Gap is too expensive for me at their normal prices, so… I did like the fountains. I took pictures of the one with the spiraling walkway.


At home, I’m waiting to hear about this job (and growing quite anxious about it), and being overly concerned about the power cord for my computer. Possibility of needing repairs = ickiness.


~ by plaidlylush on November 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ferry Plaza Pluot”

  1. What’s a pluot?

    Sending more positive job-ergy vibes to you and NoStarch…..

    Would love to check out farmers markets when I visit next weekend….

  2. I hope a pluot is some kinda plum. It sounds kinda … I don’t know…

    So Em is coming to visit you? That is so great! You guys will have a ball.

  3. This sounds like a nice day. Happy vibes and positive thoughts >>>>>>>for that job:)

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