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I just completed copyediting/proofreading tests for a job for which I am undergoing the interview process. It was a two hour endeavor and I feel very much like I must have missed something that should be obvious. I doubt that I actually did, but I cannot help thinking that way, because, well, Murphy’s Law.

Of course, the reason I’m so nervous about it is that I really want this job.


Scanning the document took about fifteen minutes, and getting everything set to send was an ordeal. I wasn’t able to send back the proofreading test until 20 minutes after I was meant to. I really had no control over it, but I still feel bad about that. I probably could have prepared better, done the scanning while I was doing the editing test, and then I could have had it all back to them by the appointed time. At this point, what’s done is done and I can’t do anything about it. I’m waiting for a confirmation email from them, but that may be some time in coming, so for now I’m just going to move on and try to enjoy the rest of the day.


All that said, I still know that I am perfect for this job and they’d do well to hire me… I just have to wait and see if they have gleaned that from the process so far…


~ by plaidlylush on November 4, 2009.

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