Oiche Shona Shamhna!

First, an interview story.

Two days after sending my cover letter and resume I got a call from No Starch Press requesting an interview, and that was set up for Friday. So yesterday, I woke up really early to make sure I had enough time to get ready. Then I got on the unhappy Caltrain to take me into the city. I was there an hour and twenty minutes before my interview time. I started walking toward the No Starch Press building and stopped halfway there to eat and once again review the listing they posted online for the job and the cover letter I had sent, and to be nervous about how likely I was to do or say something quite unflattering to myself. Closer to the correct time, I got up and walked the rest of the way. It was about ten minutes.


The interview itself went well. I hesitate to say very well most likely because I’m being overly critical of myself because I want this job so much. I talked about why I’m so interested in publishing, my previous jobs, things that pertained to editing, what I liked about No Starch Press, etc. Often the interviewer takes notes. If they ask a question and you have to pause to consider what to say, they start writing immediately. I find that disconcerting, but I just plow through – there’s really nothing else you can do about it.

The plusses: aside from the few pauses and such, I spoke pretty well and I think gave all the relevant information about myself that I wanted to; the interview lasted about 40 minutes, which tells me that they already liked me and wanted to know much more in depth about me professionally – which can only be a good thing; I was the first person interviewed for the job, so obviously they couldn’t really give much away about how much they like me, ergo it might be even more than it seemed; compliments on my resume and cover letter; I was in fact told that I seem like a good candidate. I suppose I already knew that, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought me in at all, but it was mentioned at the end of the interview, so clearly nothing I said made them say “Oh, nevermind.”

Also, my library experience was noted (as a positive thing). Yay!


Halloween! I’m going into the city and meeting Hannah to hang out. I plan to be a half-skeleton. (Yes, that does mean I’m wearing my purple t-shirt.) I don’t really have much in the vein of dressing up for halloween. But I still like candy.


~ by plaidlylush on October 31, 2009.

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  1. Oiche Shona Shamhna! — what does that mean?

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