I Open My Mouth But Words Don’t Come

As a writer, I strive to express my thoughts and feelings as vividly and understandably as possible. It is what I will always be trying to do in my writing. It is the one thing with which I will never be satisfied, no matter how much I practice or how well I seem to be doing it.

I work to bend language to whatever idea, whatever image, whatever emotion I intend to relate to a reader. When it comes to emotions and the physical sensations they cause, however, language tends to fall short.

It was a little disheartening for me as a writer to learn the limits of the written word, although ultimately it is better to know than not to.

Still, right at this moment I would prefer to be able to express what I’m feeling. I cannot find the correct combination of words to capture this strangeness. To say that I feel restless or dissatisfied would be a lazy simplification. It’s much more than that – like the desire to hit things combined with the inability to lift an arm, or the feeling that builds up to an urge to cry. Certainly I know why I’m feeling this way, but that does not make it any easier to take. If I could only find the right words for it, I would at least find some measure of release. As it stands just now, the best outlet for these sensations is rendered useless by the failings of language.


~ by plaidlylush on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Open My Mouth But Words Don’t Come”

  1. as you beautifully put it,most often, words aren’t enough to document vividly what your mind and soul are going through. i feel the same way when my emotions sometimes surpass the power of the written word to articulate them. one thing is certain though, we aren’t alone. as it is certainly a universal predicament among writers of any genre.

  2. An intense entry…and incredibly articulate about the sensation of being faced with feeling inarticulate.

    Try poetry to convey the feelings. Especially poetry in form—a sonnet perhaps?


  3. I thought your words captured it all pretty well, actually.

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