Return to the Hunt

Well, I waited for the call and it didn’t come. The woman who interviewed me said that they would call on Friday. They called me on a Sunday before, so I wouldn’t be that surprised if they did again, but that would be rather flaky of them, when I was told I would know on Friday.

To be honest, I was relieved that that didn’t call. I know I’ve been saying that I would give it a try, that I might even like it, but I was getting nervous about doing it. When the afternoon passed and no one from Dialogue Direct called me, I was almost happy about it. Sure, unemployment sucks, but now I’m available to shoot down a job I really want. (Job “hunting” image.) As interesting as this would be, I really would prefer something in an office, or a bookstore, or something of that kind.

I still had a good interview experience and a very good day in the city, and having now gotten the First Interview out of the way I know that I can do them well if I smile and think and don’t pause too long answering questions. I do believe, as well, that I didn’t get this job because I am meant to have something else – perhaps one of the others I applied to already is considering calling me, or maybe I’ll apply for a job in the next week or two that I am perfect for, and whoever is hiring for it sees that. Somehow.

Maybe I’ll get an hourly kind of job, and then I’ll have to get another, and I’ll be working many, many hours a week in order to make enough money to just barely pay my bills, and I won’t be able to pay the $300/month loan payments, and it will look like my loans will take me thirty years to pay back. But then, after I get a better job that pays pretty well, I’ll be able to pay more and they’ll be paid off before I know it. And I’ll get published sometime in the next few years, and I won’t get rich but I will receive literary acclaim and a moderate amount of money and publishers will be scrambling to sign me up for my next book or two.

That’s a nice fantasy. Even with the working really hard for a long time part.


~ by plaidlylush on October 24, 2009.

One Response to “Return to the Hunt”

  1. Yeah, maybe the job thing is for the best. Something will come along that’s better.

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