A Mess of Days

It gives you an interesting image, doesn’t it? Really, all I mean is that there is a lot to say, spanning several days.

Friday – ah, Friday. That was what we call, in lay terms, a good day. It started with less than ideal circumstances – I woke up two hours later than I intended (about twenty after ten), and in consequence arrived in the city about two hours later than I wanted to. The train ride was not bad. Mostly I listened to music, pausing at one point to get a message from the first response to one of my job applications (they called me while I was on the train – silly of them). They would be Dialogue Direct – fundraisers for charity. More about that later… got into SF, walked about 100 feet to the light rail, tried for a few wildly unsuccessful minutes to read the map of the transit lines they have up there, then gave up and just got on the rail when it came. Luckily, I got on the right one, and was able to get out right near the end of haight st. I had lunch at La Boulangerie (possibly spelled correctly), a rather yummy open-faced ham and swiss melt and a salad, and WATER. While eating, I spotted the slightly cheaper options that I would have enjoyed, but, since we can’t have everything, I filed that information away for next time.

I walked all the way down upper Haight, starting at the very end. As soon as I turned onto the street (from Stanyan) I was like “whoa.” This is where all the cool weirdos hang out. And the less cool weirdos. And guys with no teeth and street buskers. It was infinitely more interesting than the little I saw the first time I went into SF. I went into a number of stores, some to shop and browse, others to respond to “help wanted” signs in the window. I procured items from Earthsong, Buffalo Exchange, and Positively Haight. That little shopping made the day so much more enjoyable for me, and gained me some things with which I’m very satisfied.

I didn’t really want to walk down lower haight again, having already found out that it is boring as sin… however, I was heading in that direction anyway. I sighed and made do with the subdued surroundings until I found linden St., home of Dark Garden corsetry and the Bluebottle Coffee “kiosk.” Such good coffee. And then, coffee in hand, I headed back up Market St. Didn’t hand in any more resumes there. Didn’t see any hiring signs. There are a few stores where I would go to shop, but not unique SF ones like you’ll find on Haight. I made it to the train station in time for the 5:53 train. Having been in the city for five hours, I left (with Sonia; she’d waited to take the train until I met her. Very nice) for home.

Saturday was a relaxed, not-so-productive day. I fumbled around on my computer for a while, then went out with Sonia to pay a visit to some cats we are thinking of adopting. One of them is all black, named Jaguar. The other is light orange and white with very pretty blue-ish eyes, named Baby Boy for now, but we would change it. There was another cat, a calico who is beautiful to look at, but apparently not very friendly and not adoptable. Following the cat visit, we went for ice cream. I had a peach flavored frozen yogurt smoothie. It was too big, but delicious.

Sunday was also more or less unproductive (less than I wanted, at least). I don’t remember the earlier part of the day. Went out, stopped briefly at a grocery store, got a nice cheap haircut, then went to old navy. I bought a few things there, but didn’t spend too much. Good thing, too – with the cost of the train tickets, my credit card bills are going to be larger than I’m used to for a little while. Came home and made banana chocolate chip muffins. They are wonderful. The perfect snack. And/or a really good breakfast.

Dialogue direct also called me again on Sunday, perfectly timed so that I was not by my phone to answer. I called them back, again, to let them know that I got their call and I hoped to talk to someone soon. Sooner than I thought, apparently – they called me just before 7 this morning. The Boston office called me, my application having been distributed according to the area code of my phone number and not the city I selected, not realizing that I was in California and most likely not awake yet. It’s mostly impossible to sleep through  my ringtone, so I answered sleepily and made an appointment and I have an interview tomorrow in SF. Trying not to jinx myself, I really hope I wake up on time tomorrow morning. If I oversleep again (Friday it wasn’t important, but still counted as oversleeping), then I won’t be able to get there by 12:30. That would be a terrible first interview experience.

Now, I have an outfit all picked out and waiting on hangers in my closet, I have Life cereal to eat in the morning, and I just might be tired enough to fall asleep sooner rather than later.

The part of me that’s prone to poetry wants to express every thought I’ve had about my new life, being in California, missing people, missing dogs, adjusting, being restless, but trying to pull a single thought from all of the others to see it clearly would be a hopeless pursuit. It seems they are doomed to remain unarticulated, at least for now.


~ by plaidlylush on October 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Mess of Days”

  1. Whoa! Sin is boring?????

    I hope you find a job soonish. One that will be interesting enough for a while so that you can learn to get around in the city and meet some folks.

  2. Mmmm…I miss Haight street. I’m so glad you found where the cool weirdos hang out! I might just have to come visit you in SF sometime – I really loved living there.

    Have you been to Muir woods yet?

  3. The dog misses you.

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