Ingredients of a Good Day

Round 3, or 4, or 5… or, The One Where I Start To Like San Francisco.

The tour by car. No blisters, thank you, although my back doesn’t like that car as much as it likes walking…

The rundown of the day:

Burritos from a place called Gordo. Very tasty. I got the chicken, of course, with black beans and rice and salsa. We took them up to a Point of forgotten name and listened to the ocean as we ate them. I would highly recommend their burritos. And eating near the ocean.

Following this, we drove around. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge was not terrible. We saw a little bit of the Blue Angels’ maneuvers, flying under bridges and such. I got to see Upper Haight, which was the part I should have gone to last Tuesday. Very cool-looking shops. Since we were driving through I didn’t go into any of them, but I have a few in mind to go to later. Also drove up and down Castro St. and several other areas with shops and restaurants.

Eventually drove through a street fair with an excessively convenient parking spot. We stopped there to browse the tents, went down an alley with an amazing coffee place located in a garage. Yummy coffee. Right next to it is a custom corset store called Dark Garden. The window displays there are gorgeous. I didn’t really want to go in (because I would want everything in the store), but Sonia offered to go in for me to ask if they were hiring. They said to bring in a resume because they expected to have an opening soon. I’m not sure what will happen with that, but it would be pretty awesome to get paid to dwell in the midst of such beautiful things…

Coffee in hand – and mouth – we finished off the street fair. It wasn’t a large one, but it certainly was interesting. There were plenty of things I might have bought in different circumstances. I ended up putting a dollar into the case of a violinist. She was really good.

That was most of the day. A little driving followed, and then the trip back home, about an hour in the car. It might not sound that exciting, but it really helped me. It wasn’t until the coffee that I really started to enjoy it, but the point is, I’m starting to like San Francisco. There’s too much left to see in order for me to have a real opinion. Perhaps, in a few trips, I’ll really decide that I like it. At least, I don’t think it hates me like it did before.


~ by plaidlylush on October 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ingredients of a Good Day”

  1. Sweet post.

    Nothing and no one hates you. Quit looking in that mirror.

  2. “You’re gonna make it after all…” (MTM Show)

  3. Sounds like a fine SF experience!! May you have many more! XOXO ‘Your Mom’

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