The Freezing Ocean

It’s October, you know what that means – it’s time for pumpkins. I had a most appropriate pumpkin spice latte today, after going into Starbucks to get out of the 70+ degree heat. (Well, that’s a lie. I did actually go in for coffee. But it was nice and cool inside and I was a bit warm after walking for nearly half an hour in very warm weather.)

I also bought two books, a necessity since I had very little space in my luggage to bring them from Mass. I’m looking forward to some good entertainment from the ravaged classic Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and then I’ll finally read a China Mieville book (Un Lun Dun). I almost bought The Cardboard Universe, but decided that I wanted to read it before I buy it. In any case, it’s a comfort to have a few novels of my own to read (there are plenty in the house I’m sure I’d be welcome to borrow).

It’s possible I’m letting real life get to me too much. As glad as I was to graduate, I now miss being on a college campus. I miss campus life. Even in a place like Bennington, where everyone you know is unimaginably busy with some kind of work or other and getting off campus can be slightly more effort than it’s worth, you still have the college life working for you. Places to get coffee and snacks, the library and its interesting dvd collection a two minute walk away, plenty of people around you might be able to hang out with. The social difference is, I’m certain, the biggest one, and the most disheartening. No longer having that common ground with everyone around you makes you feel very much on your own – floating, perhaps, on an iceberg all your own.

If anything goes right, my iceberg will collide with another’s soon enough.


~ by plaidlylush on October 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Freezing Ocean”

  1. Yeah. It’s definitely hard leaving college… the social piece is so different. There’s nothing like having your peers just outside your door 24/7… Real life isn’t much like that. Well, maybe in a commune or ashram…

  2. Ah, yes. AFTER-COLLEGE life. I watched Della and Sharyl suffer with this. When you’re in school, if you want to be friendly, all you have to do is open your dorm-room door and either walk out, or wait for someone to walk in. Someone your own age.

    The after life is a challenge.

    Maybe get a job on the Berkeley campus?

    (Lara went straight to Itlay after finishing at Cornell, and the Navy was sort of a new tailor-made social life.

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