We hope you enjoy your stay.

Welcome to California!

The first few days have been a bit lazy. Of course, Saturday I arrived at 8 and that’s 11 on east coast time, so I wasn’t awake for too much longer. When I got off the plane in San Jose I was so incredibly happy to be off the plane, and my reunion with Sonia in the baggage claim area was also happy. Not long after, I was very very sleepy, and not even eating a burger changed that. I was in bed in no time and slept until about 11 in the morning – 1 on east coast time, but early enough here. Then, as you might guess, Sunday happened.

Bagels in the morning, sitting on the couch watching Angel, cats in laps, pizza, more Angel, and then, vomit. Yes, that’s right, I hadn’t even been here 24 hours before I got sick. I threw up all of the pizza and then, a bit later, the tea I tried to drink. I had water for the rest of the night and managed to recover during my ten or so hours of sleep. Today I have not vomited yet, and I’m quite happy about that.

As one might imagine, between all the Angel and throwing up, I haven’t really unpacked yet. I started on it today, and I will do a bit more soon. I know it would be a good idea to get it done, but I wanted a lazy day today. Unpacking is too much movement. By now I’ve spent a good amount of the day staying rather still. I’m sure a little exertion to make this bedroom a little less of a mess won’t kill me.

I have not yet gone to the beach or the city, I do not already have a tan, and I have not developed an urge to eat a lot of avocados.

However, when we went out to get the pizza yesterday I noticed just how different California looks from New England. Very distinctive. The vegetation, the buildings, and, somehow, the sun all look different than what I’m used to. Now that I’ve noticed this in Mountain View, I’m curious to see how different San Francisco is to the cities I’m familiar with. I’m guessing rather…


~ by plaidlylush on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “We hope you enjoy your stay.”

  1. So sorry you got sick! That’s a shame.

    San Francisco is a great city. Some sections remind me just a tad of Boston, but it’s definitely different.

    Glad you have kitties on your lap.

    A-M misses you…

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