Separation Is Natural

Ah, Worcester. How I will… not miss you.

This city is lacking in so many areas. Not walker-friendly, and the bus fares keep going up with hardly a warning. I will grant that the RMV employees seem quite good-natured, which is more than I expected. But that hardly makes up for the general hideousness of downtown. I leave at an opportune time in that sense – due to construction, it’s uglier than ever down there.

I realized when I got confused walking from the RMV to the bus stop (one block away) that there is still much of Worcester that I do not know even after thirteen years of residency, but I am perfectly happy leaving it undiscovered. It is not worth the effort, when I will soon have a whole new awesome city to explore. The few bright spots, square inches of beauty that Worcester might hold, can’t possibly compare to where I’m going.

There will be things I miss, I’m sure – after a long time. Most of my attachments here are people. The strongest of those attachments are to my parents (and pets). You know, the few people in my life I see every day and/or as often as I can. As Odwalla or possible Naked juice says, Separation is natural. Now is the time in my life to cut the cord. Fly the coop. Do the monster mash.

You know.


~ by plaidlylush on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Separation Is Natural”

  1. Whaaaat?????? Dissing fair Wormtown? I can’t believe it!

    The downtown is particularly lacking. But there’s some stuff here. Nothing like SF, though, no doubt about it.

  2. Do the MONSTAH MASH right outta town! WOOSTAH will miss you, even if you won’t miss IT….

    Well, at least turtle boy will miss seeing you come and go from the library…..

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