What’s the number for Information?

…And why is it that when you call information, they can’t answer any question you might have?

It’s time for logistics, which is the part that’s full of headaches and annoyances and pains in the butt. Most of it is money-related. Money, the source of all things… that great distresser. I wish I could live without it.

But since I have to deal with Money, I want to do it right. At the moment that is a question of banks. The bank I use now has no branches in California, which means that I’ll need to open an account at a bank that is local. The best option for setting it up before I leave seems to be Bank of America. There’s that, and then there’s waiting until I have moved to find a local bank. Maybe I’m crazy, but BoA seems to offer me the best deal. I know I’ll have access to my money out there, and they have many, many options for checking accounts.

My hesitation comes from never having had a normal person bank account. I’ve had savings accounts from childhood years and a student account for checking. Student accounts have all kinds of nice features and deals and exemptions. Regular old you’re an adult, buck up and deal with it accounts have more fees and higher minimum balances and such. Having never dealt with the complex features of a “real” bank account, I read all of the account details and think that it seems like a lot to keep track of, but still looks better than anything else I’d be able to do with my money.

Item #2: The Cell Phone.

I’ve never bought a cell phone myself, always having been on a family plan. I’m going to have to look at the options and somehow judge which one is best for me. Pay as you go? Monthly plan? More minutes to talk, or more texts? Etc.

And all this without having any clue how much money I’ll be making once I get a job.

In conclusion, thinking about adult things can be overwhelming when you’re not used to it. As I’ve learned several times, though, once you’ve done them, you realize that it wasn’t so hard after all. Before I had ever pumped gas I knew I never wanted to do it, but after doing it I don’t think twice. All of these things come in the before and after, just like pumping gas… Doubt only exists before you’ve tried it.


~ by plaidlylush on September 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “What’s the number for Information?”

  1. Ah, the wisdom you possess….my favorite phrase from this entry: “Regular old you’re an adult, buck up and deal with it accounts…” and the one that will help me in my quest for adulthood(!!!) is “Doubt only exists before you’ve tried it.”

  2. Yeah. Adult stuff like that is annoying. Even at 40. But it’ll be okay.

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