That word conjured two images for me right now. The first is the poetic one, the image that I keep in my stock as a writer, not to use as a cliche, but to work from to create some new, original image.

Sand in an hourglass.

Because time is slipping through that contraption’s slim neck, passing to the “already past” end. I have two weeks now, exactly – almost to the moment I leave the house for the airport. I still have almost all of it left to do. I can comfort myself with the knowledge that I have packed all of the belongings I brought to college with me in hours only. That comfort is a bit diminished when the thought creeps up, “This is vastly different from that.” However, I at least have my brand new rolly-poly airport-friendly luggage, and I can start my packing experiments.

The other type of sifting that is happening now is through the mess that is my life. That, I mean literally, life in this case being defined in the material sense. Everything I own is a pile of bric-a-brac stuffed into a single room, save the things I have already boxed and carried up to the attic. My plan is to go through everything before I head off, selecting and discarding and organizing. I only want to leave in my bedroom the things that matter, as opposed to everything I have ever owned.

It’s going to be a lot of work.

Sifting sands, sifting stuff – either way, you end up with a pile of the thrown away and gone on one side. The difference; the sand will leave the other side of the hourglass empty when your time is up. However much you might want to keep some, it’s just sand and it will slip through your fingers.


~ by plaidlylush on September 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sifting”

  1. Did you get your sifting done? I think this is such a great philosophy. Most people my age (over 50) don’t start sifting until they are buried under their stuff. This sifting will allow you to move on to your next luscious adventure. – Kathy

  2. You’re absolutely right.

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