I Guess It Is The Season Of Change

September, autumn in the air, leaves changing (although not quite yet), and all of those cliched phrases of the fall.

I’m going to miss autumn this year – not emotionally, but physically. It will be the first year I do not see leaves turn to fire and dirt before they decide to find a new home beneath layers of snow and ice. I doubt if the seasons will even register for me in any major way. The change of the season is going to be the smallest change taking place in my life.

Although I have not been settled in any one place for more than a few months since I started college, the changes in the practical aspects of my life have been minute. I haven’t made a long-term move for years, and I hardly remember how to do it – even then, I was only moving to the next town, the next house, and I had a lot of help. Now that I’m old enough to take care of things myself, to want to, I begin to feel the pressure. Realizations occur of the overwhelming amount of stuff I need to do before I leave, and then that I have twenty-four days in which to do them. Subtract Labor Day weekend, a few days here and there for social necessities, and it becomes more like 15 days.

I have a feeling that after I have all these things done and I take a moment the day before I’m leaving to revel in my recent productivity, I will be highly satisfied, but right now I have no idea when I’m going to do any of it.

If you saw how many piles of papers I have in my room, you would understand.


~ by plaidlylush on September 1, 2009.

One Response to “I Guess It Is The Season Of Change”

  1. Somehow, some way, you’ll get it done. 🙂

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