That Eternal Torture, The Interview

The Interview is one thing I am not looking forward to at all in my job search. I’ve had the misfortune to draw a complete blank during interviews and sit there for a certain amount of time not saying anything. (The second time, at least, the interview was in person and the other person could see that I was thinking – not to mention the answer I gave after about 30 seconds was a good one.) Of course it’s obvious why interviews are necessary, but the way I see it the only question they really need to ask is, “Should I/we hire you for this job?” When I answer, “Yes, you really should,” they should just take my word for it. Alas, this will never ever happen.

However, even worse than the questions are the clothes. It is not that interview clothes are ugly, but they are so particular about what you should not wear. I have a love/hate relationship with clothing to begin with. When you throw in all of these restrictions, I have a very hard time finding anything. So far I’ve had moderate luck, and I have enough items to make several interview outfits. Really cute shoes.

In an ideal world, a person would be able to wear whatever they wanted to an interview (barring jeans and t-shirts, as well as ball gowns), provided they were well put-together, recently bathed, and armed with a little bribing money.

I’m joking about the latter, of course.


~ by plaidlylush on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “That Eternal Torture, The Interview”

  1. Good luck. It is excruciating. I find picking out interview clothes daunting. You’re right, of course; as long as you look nice and presentable, it shouldn’t matter much.

  2. oops, I let my donkey out. This is Sharyl/Actonbell:)

  3. Yes. It’s awful. The entire process. Gawd awful.

    But better to have a slower response than a hasty and “wrong” answer.

    You’ll do well. You’re attractive and that always helps.

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