The 31-day Plan

One month remains.

Exactly one month from today I will take off from Boston and arrive in California.

Around this exact time on that day I will be getting off the plane, heading to baggage claim, emerging into my first West Coast night (assuming that my flights are on time).

A week ago I considered how much time I had left here, and it seemed interminable. Too many hours left of shelving the same books, too many lunches to make at the last minute and stuff into plastic bags, too many bus rides, too many days of waiting.

The rest of the time is going to fly by. Before I even realize that time has passed, I’ll have two weeks left before the move. I’ll realize how much I have left to do and I’ll have a moment of slight panic, then a surge of focus as I make a list, which I will come to ignore a few days later. Then it will be my last day at the library, and I’ll work knowing that whatever else might be said, I’ll miss the place when I leave.

And suddenly I’ll be on a plane, so far above the ground I’ll forget what it looks like.

One month seems like a long time, but really it is only four and a half weeks. Four weekends. A few more get-togethers with friends I probably won’t see for a long time. Another visit to the grandparents in Connecticut. One extended breath, coming down on the exhale.


~ by plaidlylush on August 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “The 31-day Plan”

  1. My gosh, I had forgotten that you are a writer! You express yourself so beautifully.

    Good times ahead. Bad times ahead. LIFE ahead. I’m glad that you’re going to live it instead of sitting it out.

  2. It’s going to fly by. Take it in!

  3. Just take it one day at a time — one breath at a time! 31 short days left. I miss you already!!

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